Festival Workshop Choir

Choir members who adopted or willing to adopt the workshop cultrure will be selected throughout the year to form the festival workshop choir.

Korocan Choir

The main theme of Chanakkale Choir Festival is the culture of sharing. Bilateral and multilateral pairings between the participating choirs will form the “KOROCAN CHOIR” that will serve the purpose of artistic-educational productions of acculturation.

Choir pairings will take place with an exciting live event on first day.

Philosophy conferences
Nature-Sports events
The world of our choir
Choral organizations
Singing together
Other surprises

Hall Concerts

Participating choirs’ performances on stage in the main event hall.

Sreet Concerts

Concerts planned for social integration and sharing of choral music with people throughout streets and squares in Chanakkale and Gelibolu

Interview - Panel And Social Reponsibility

Exploratory and experimental workshops,open and closed session panels with experts who have offered to share their knowledge and insights in the field of choral music, various social responsibility activities

Festival Opening Ceremony

All choirs will take place in a local and thematic organization in the city center to integrate with people on the festival opening night.

Festival Closing Party

A farewell party with dinner, entertainment and surprises

Other Activities

Finalized activities will be posted on the website.